About us

Sausage and Friends - where passion for sausage and hot dogs meets fashion in every stitch. Founded in 2009, we've been pioneering the sausage-themed clothing industry with our unique designs and commitment to quality.

Our story

Our journey began with a simple love for sausage and a desire to express it through fashion. What started as a small venture among friends and family has grown into a thriving community of sausage enthusiasts worldwide.

Our mission

Driven by our love for sausage and dedication to sustainability, we're on a mission to offer stylish, eco-friendly clothing for everyone who shares our passion. Each garment is carefully crafted from high-quality, sustainable fabrics, ensuring that you can wear your love for sausage with pride while minimizing your environmental footprint.

Our products

From graphic tees and hoodies to hats and accessories, our collection has something for every sausage lover. Whether you prefer classic hot dogs, gourmet sausages, or crave the perfect condiments like mustard and ketchup, we've got you covered. Our designs are as diverse as the sausage world itself, ranging from quirky and fun to sleek and stylish.

Join the Sausage And Friends Community

Whether you're a die-hard sausage aficionado or simply appreciate a good hot dog, we invite you to join our community of sausage enthusiasts. Follow us @sausage.and.friends for the latest updates, exclusive offers, and a daily dose of sausage-inspired style.

At Sausage and Friends, we're more than just a clothing company – we're a celebration of sausage culture. Shop now and wear your love for sausage and hot dogs with pride!